AS-shower-waterproofingAtlantis shower systems and components are fully compliant with the provisions of the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

  • Certificate of Compliance Form (pdf) 

Wet Area Membrane (as supplied prior to 2010)

[Ps note: Atlantis shower systems are no longer supplied with wet area membrane but come instead with reinforcement bands (essential connections) for connection of the shower base to wall and floor.]

Certificate of Compliance to AS3740 (2004) for Atlantis Wet Area Membrane as supplied as part of its shower system by Atlantis Bathroom Style Pty Ltd.

Atlantis Bathroom Style Pty Ltd confirms that when applied in accordance with our published specifications the Atlantis Protecta self-adhesive membrane will provide a watertight membrane. We further confirm that this system conforms to the Building Code of Australia (AS3740) durability requirements and is durable for 15 years. The durability of the Atlantis ProtectoWrap AFM-WM Membrane has been independently verified by BRANZ and it has a valid BRANZ Appraisal Certificate. The current Certificate Number is 624 (2009).

Atlantis Toughened Glass

Australia/NZ Safety Standard (AS/NZS 2208)

The glass used in the manufacture of Atlantis showers is toughened safety glass and has been tested to meet the AS/NZS 2208 Safety Standard.

All Atlantis Shower Screens and glass components have the safety standard permanently etched on the outside edge of the glass panels (see image to the right.)