Linea Quattro


A premium tile-over channel drain shower solution for timber or concrete floors.

The Linea Quattro tile-over channel drain shower solution.

  • Low profile shower base
  • Fits into existing floor structure (in most cases)
  • Integrated channel drain in side or back configurations
  • Stainless steel drain cover in choice of 3 styles
  • 68 standard shower sizes / shapes
  • Essential waterproofing connections supplied
  • Optional EasyNiche (recessed shelf)
  • 25-year leak-free guarantee on base

  Choose Linea Quattro for clean lines and a single continuous tiled floor level from the bathroom into the shower area.  The channel drain is located discretely at the side or back of the shower, and can be accessed for cleaning easily and conveniently. Linea Quattro showers work perfectly with large-size tiles on the floor. Complement the clean look with a smart EasyNiche shower recess.