miniBase for concrete released in Australia

MiniBase-genericThe new Atlantis precast miniBASE System for wet areas (on concrete slab) is designed to take away the hassles of fitting a channel in any bathroom or laundry situation – as well as eliminating the risk of waterproofing failure.

The miniBASE is an upgraded but cost-effective alternative to conventional shower channels that can be a challenge to install and waterproof in many situations.

Designed specifically for concrete floors, the Atlantis miniBASE System follows the same proven method that Atlantis introduced in 2001 to install shower bases into timber floors.  By forming a solid, enclosed and self-supporting structure for the drain, the 100% already waterproof miniBASE can be fitted into place in no time at all – allowing effortless incorporation into the concrete floor recess.

The sleek channel look is completed with a choice of three channel grate styles (stainless steel finish or tile-over) that slot over the drain, and are easy to remove for cleaning and maintenance.

Mini-Base grates

The precast miniBASE comes in multiple sizes (up to 2000mm) and configurations catering to just about every possible floor placement including:

  • Channel in centre of floor
  • Channel under vanity
  • Channel adjacent to back wall (2 and 3-walled showers)
  • Channel at shower entry
  • Channel at doorway
  • Channel for Wheelchair accessibility


And best of all, the new Atlantis miniBASE is guaranteed to last for the lifetime of your shower or bathroom,  and comes with a 25-year performance and durability warranty.  Meaning total peace of mind.

miniBase will be available from selected bathroom and plumbing retailers from January 2013.