With the Atlantis all-in-one Shower System, we’ve taken away the hard work in building tiled showers.



Installed correctly, our shower systems will give a lifetime of leak-free, problem-free showering.

Detailed installation instructions are included with every shower system, and will vary according to the type of shower system purchased. Please read and follow all installation instructions carefully.

To minimise any installation risk we recommend that only qualified tradespeople are used to install the components of our shower system.

Installation Steps: Recommended Approach

  1. Builder / Contractor – prepares the floor/ sub-floor area.
  2. Plumber / Builder – fits and connects waste outlet, installs shower base on floor.
  3. Builder – installs wall (glazing) channel(s) and applies essential connections from base to wall and floor .
  4. Waterproofer – waterproofs the shower
  5. Tiler – tiles the shower
  6. Builder – installs the shower screens