EasyNiche™ Sizes

EasyNiche™ Tile-Over Accessory

Available in 10 sizes (shelves) and a matching footrest. Start with your overall tile length to select the EasyNiche™ Tile-Over that will work best for your space. Standard thickness tiles will fit the recess size indicated.


Please note: If an EasyNiche is required for a 70mm cavity, please ensure this is stated when ordering. 

Easyniche™ Exposed

Avaliable in one size 400mm x 300mm. Designed to suit  8mm-12mm tiles. Gloss white finish.


Easyniche™ Retro-Fit

Avaliable in one size 400mm x 300mm, designed to be installed to your existing tiled or acrylic shower.

Gloss white finish only.


  • One-piece lightweight construction made from rigid GRP composite
  • Gloss gel coat surface available in white finish only
  • Available in one size 400mm x 300mm
  • Designed to be installed to existing shower, Tiles, acrylic liner or laminates
  • Protrudes 6mm from wall surface finish
  • Can be installed horizontally or vertically
  • Built in gradient prevents water ponding
  • Supplied with installation materials
  • 7-year warranty