EasyNiche Sizes

EasyNiche™ Tile-Over

Get rid of the clutter and keep your tile shower looking fabulous with the super stylish EasyNiche™ a pre-formed tile-over soap and shampoo recess from Atlantis.


The ideal solution for shower storage, EasyNiche™ is a one-piece recessed shelf unit for your tiled shower that saves space and fits easily into your wall cavity.

easyniche-pack• 100% waterproof
• Ready-to-tile (once connection band is applied)
• Fits into 90mm wall cavity 
• Built-in slope prevents water ponding
• Easy to clean and maintain
• 25 year durability and leak-free warranty

EasyNiche™ comes in a complete kit with installation materials included.

EasyNiche™ can be installed with any compatible liquid waterfroofing using the supplied Atlantis self-adhesive connection band.

EasyNiche™ Exposed

he stylish EasyNiche™ Exposed comes in white gloss finish & is recessed into tiled or splash back walls.
• One-piece lightweight construction made of rigid GRP composite
• Gloss white finish
• Available in two shelf sizes of 400mm x 300mm or 600mm x 300mm or a footrest of 180mm x 120mm.
• Supplied with installation materials
• 7 year warranty

EasyNiche™ Retro-Fit

Save space in your existing shower with a non-tiled recessed niche available in white finish
• One-piece lightweight construction made of rigid GRP composite
• Gloss white finish
• Avaliable in one size 400mm x 300mm
• Protrudes 6mm from wall surface finish
• Built in gradient prevents water ponding
• 7 year warranty