Superior shower solutions

… for tiled bathrooms and wet rooms.

Fed up with leaky showers? Ready to move on from your plastic shower box?  You’ve come to the place with the latest luxury shower look backed with the promise of lifetime performance. The unique, patented features of the Atlantis shower base system, combined with use of top quality materials and construction, deliver the most efficient, most durable tiled shower installation available today.

Atlantis are the specialists in shower solutions for timber floors, concrete floors and high-risk areas. We know how to build shower enclosures that not only look good but are made to last.

Achieve a stepless (or low-step) shower on a timber or concrete floor.  Or show off the latest  shower channel look in your bathroom or laundry.

Installed in as little as six hours plus tile laying, Atlantis shower systems offer multiple shower sizes with various base and screen style configurations. So whether you’re refitting an existing bathroom or creating a new one, there’ll be an Atlantis shower to match your space, your thinking and your design requirements.

Whichever option you choose, our TILE-OVER SHOWER BASEs come with an unbeatable lifetime guarantee of performance.

  • The Linea Quattro Base